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Castle School

Castle School

Curriculum - our 6 areas of learning


Welcome to our curriculum overview.

At Castle School, we nurture aspects of learner’s wellbeing which create the conditions for pupils to learn. This leads to good engagement and a readiness to learn. 

Our Tree of Learning below shows the interconnectivity between this and our six areas of learning. 

The roots of the tree, are the foundation of every aspect of learning, and they are interdependent with the rest of the tree.

The trunk interconnects the curriculum and the learner. Our aim is to engage every pupil with their learning, this means adapting and personalising the curriculum for each pupil.

The Education Health and Care Plan is at the heart of the tree.

Each pupil has a unique set of outcomes 

These are in the areas of :

Cognition and learning – Maths and English
Social Emotional and Mental Health
Sensory, Physical and life skills
Communication and Interaction

These are worked on though our curriculum which is organised into six areas of learning . Please use the tabs on the right to look at how our these are organised. Each has a tree which illustrates coverage in that area.

Our Teaching and Learning Policy below demonstrates how all aspects of our work link together.