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Castle School

Dragonfly Class

Meet the Team


We are inquisitive learners and learn through repetition, exploration and interaction with others and the world around us.

See us learning through:

Supporting Our Students to Learn

We are a pre-formal class working towards our EHCP targets- this is how we teach the 4 areas:

Our class ethos is around intensive interaction and incorporating sensory integration.

Structure, meeting their sensory needs and building relationships are important to helping us learn.

We are inquisitive learners and learn through repetition, exploration and interaction with others and the world around us.

See us learning through the five areas of engagement: Persistence; Initiation; Exploration; Realisation and Anticipation.

Cognition and Learning

Children learn about cause and effect, their bodies and their senses through activities such as body awareness and sensory exploration.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

An important area where we seek to help pupils be aware of their emotions and learning to either self-regulate or accept help from adults. Developing a strong rapport is vital for this and our activities and interventions in the curriculum allows for this as well as the importance of Intensive Interaction occurring throughout the day.

Physical and Life Skills 

Sensory integration takes place across the day in different forms such as massage, sensory circuit and sensory breaks. Body awareness is taught through exploring with their senses, developmental movement and physical activities such as swimming and bikes. In addition, we encourage greater independence and work on life skills - these include brushing teeth/ washing face/ brushing hair/engaging in their personal care/ getting changed/ assisting during snack and lunchtimes.

Communication and Interaction

 A key focus of the class where we create opportunities for our learners to communicate as well as teaching them to express themselves through early Makaton/ PECs. Intensive Interaction is a central part of communication and used throughout our activities.

Topic for this half-term

Our book this half-term is "Don't Put Your Finger in the Jelly Nelly".  You can find a downloadble version of this topic plan at the bottom of the page.

Click here for a downloadable version of this topic plan

Our Timetable

NB: Many of our activities covers more than one area of their EHCP with the main area of focus labelled above.

We recognise the importance of learners being ready to learn before they can be fully engaged and respond to our curricular activities, therefore meeting their sensory needs through sensory integration is an important element threaded throughout the day.Additionally, clear structure, repetition and cues to support learner’s anticipation of activities and transitions are integral to their learning.


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