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Castle School

Castle School

Ladybird Class

Meet the Team


In Ladybird class we create an environment that instils independence, communication, and positive interaction skills. Through play, we deliver an outstanding and exciting curriculum to ensure we gain confidence and continue to grow.

We are kind to our friends and respect one another.

Our child centred lessons are stimulating and engaging and follow a therapeutic approach which and help nurture our students to recognise and manage their own emotions and feelings.

Supporting Our Students to Learn



 Through play we deliver an outstanding and exciting Literacy and Maths curriculum. Colourful semantics is a targeted approach to support children with their sentence building and to teach them about sentence structure. Phonic fairy magically supports our phonetical approach to reading. Clever fingers and dough disco which helps strengthens our listening and fine motor skills. Squiggle while you wiggle to help define and add meaning to our mark making. Every three weeks we use a story book to deliver Mathematics and literacy. Some of our pupils are further supported using a TEACCH style approach.

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