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Castle School

Castle School

Governing Body Meetings

Governor Meeting Dates 2023-2024

September 2023

Thursday 21st September – FGB meeting, 6.30pm

October 2023

Tuesday 10th October – Resources Committee meeting, 6.30pm (virtual)

Tuesday 17th October - T&L Committee meeting, 4pm (virtual)

November 2023

Tuesday 21st November - T&L Committee meeting, 4pm (virtual)

December 2023

Thursday 7th December – FGB meeting, 6.30pm

January 2024

Tuesday 16th January – Resources Committee meeting, 6.30pm (virtual)

February 2024

Thursday 8th February – FGB meeting, 6.30pm

Tuesday 12th February - T&L Committee meeting, 4pm (virtual)

March 2024

Tuesday 19th March - T&L Committee, 4pm (virtual)

Tuesday 26th March  - FGB meeting, 6.30pm

April 2024

Tuesday 23rd April - Resources Committee meeting, 5pm (budget scrutiny)

May 2024

Tuesday 7th May - FGB meeting, 5pm (budget approval)

Tuesday 21st May  - T&L Committee meeting, 4pm (virtual)

June 2024

Tuesday 18th June – Resources Committee meeting, 6.30pm (virtual)

July 2024

Tuesday 2nd July - T&L Committee meeting, 4pm (virtual)

Tuesday 9th July - FGB meeting, 6.30pm


Minutes can be requested via the clerk.  Please email