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Home Learning

Homework should be fun, motivating and engaging for you and your young person. The Government has issued some guidelines to support parents in achieving this and we thought they might be of interest to you.  Please forgive us if this sounds like common sense!

  • Set a routine and do the activities at the same time each week.
  • If the homework is to be done on a school night then give the young person a break and snack before starting.
  • Be interested and talk about what they are doing at school beforehand.
  • Turn off the television and reduce distractions.

Be positive about the young person’s attempts at their homework and make an appointment to see the teacher if you are concerned.

Above all, don’t let homework become a chore! We hope that it will become a special time that both you and your young person look forward to sharing.

If you have any queries regarding homework or any aspects of your young person’s life, please do not hesitate to contact us.