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Castle School

Castle School


At Castle school we take the well-being of all pupils and staff seriously. We provide a positive and supportive environment in which issues that can challenge mental health and general wellness can be addressed. We currently offer the following to support the well-being of those who are part of our school:

The most effective mental health support we offer our pupils is through an appropriate curriculum.  We strive to ensure that what we are teaching our pupils is what they most need to learn to help them meet their academic, emotional, physical, sensory, and communication needs.

Educational Psychologist ‘drop-in’ supervision sessions.  We trialled sessions where staff had the opportunity to talk over any aspect of their practice with the educational psychologist.  This has proved so popular that we are now starting similar sessions for staff with the play therapist after school on a Wednesday.

 Mental health working party.  This ran for all last year, meeting every month.  Out of this came:

  • A recognition for more space for staff to take their breaks and do preparation work
  • A recognition of the need for mental health training for staff

Creation of a larger staffroom with a quiet area– building to be completed at Easter 2020

A series of workshops on mental health for staff, run by the Emotional Health and Well-being service

Increased therapeutic provision for children.  The school is looking to appoint a full-time therapist.

Participation in pilot scheme to get a mental health practitioner into schools.  An NHS mental health practitioner will be based in school for part of every week.

Participation in Evidence for Learning SEMH project.

Appointment of mental health champion in school.

Regular screening of pupils and staff to ascertain their views on their own well-being.

Arts Mark Project involves incorporating creative workshops for staff in training time.

Golden Week – where staff are encouraged to hold no meetings after school

Regular meetings on pupil progress consider the mental health and well-being of students, and those experiencing problems are given extra support, including a range of therapeutic interventions

A robust training programme for staff equips them to meet all the needs of the pupils, including physical, emotional, social and mental health.

A behaviour management programme based on the premise that challenging behaviour is a communication of unmet need.  We deal with challenging behaviour by reflecting on our ability to meet the needs of the child, and by teaching the skills needed by the child so they do not have to resort to such behaviours.