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In Churchill and Darwin class we have regular activities and routines at the start of the day that help us to become focussed and ready for learning.

Every morning we start with reading and spellings or handwriting practice and maths activities. If your young person could continue reading, it would be good for them.

 Reading their own books, magazines, food packets, instructions, comics, recipes, anything to keep reading is just as important.

Handwriting practice sheets can be found in Twinkl, along with lots of other worksheets and activities. See below for information.

Home Learning Timetable

Yellow is our offer for Secondary Formal Learners

Green is bespoke each pod

Top Tips for Home Learning

Don’t forget, many of the things we do in 6th form are key skills in preparation for life after school. Darwin and Churchill have been learning about meal planning on a Thursday afternoon and cooking their own meals on a Wednesday and Thursday. Other activities in the home could be simple tasks like looking after their bedroom – making their bed, cleaning their room, or helping with tasks around the home, cooking, looking after their laundry etc. They could learn a new skill like being able to make a cup of tea, wash their clothes or prepare a simple meal independently.


Useful Links & Resources

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