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Some words of wisdom from Peter



Purple Mash is the digital vault of resources, games, tools and activities that's easily searchable by whichever area of the curriculum you're teaching, and it's fully mapped to the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish primary curricula.  For support using this online learning platform, click here.

MathSeeds is a highly motivating, interactive Web-based program for students.  At its core is a teaching and learning sequence of over 140 lessons where students learn key concepts in mathematics through guided lessons, exploration, and practice.

Mathletics is the engaging online math program made for hybrid classrooms and home learning. Set your students fun practice and fluency activities, challenge their thinking with problem-solving and reasoning questions, and reward their learning with certificates and points – wherever they might be.

Education City can be used by teachers and students at home. Teachers can set homework using Education City, so children can continue their learning after school, during the weekends and over the holidays to combat holiday learning loss. Parents can see how their child is progressing at school and play an active part in their education.

Busy Things activities are directly linked to the curriculum and subjects that your children will be learning in nursery and primary school, including English, Maths, Science, Geography, music, coding and much more!

HelpKidzLearn is a collection of software for young children and those with learning difficulties to play online. You will get the most out of these activities if you play them together with your child.

WidgitOnline  allows you to create symbol resources in your web browser. Create symbol flashcards, timetables, stories and more, with no installation needed.

Parent SEND Toolkit SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) resources, activities and support to help you and your family during lockdown.

Oxford Owl You’ll find lots of free resources, eBooks and activities on Oxford Owl to help you make sure your child continues to build their skills and knowledge, as well as expert advice and ideas to support you, while they’re learning at home

Twinkl We're all inspired to support teachers and learners, around the world. All Twinkl resources are teacher-made and can be used by anyone, anywhere - making learning accessible to all . We also tailor resources to a number of curriculums, including the UK National Curriculums.

Castle YouTube Page is a collection of fun and / or educational videos with the familiar faces of staff at Castle School.

The Literacy Trust - Family Zone site contains all the activities you've loved on Family Zone and Zone In, as well as many more tips and activities to improve your child's chatting, reading, writing and listening at home.. We've also opened the doors to our Virtual School Library, where every week a popular children’s author or illustrator will take on the role of author of the week.


Attachments below:

School is closed - a social story to support your child in understanding that school is closed.

Lenny & Lily in Lockdown - a lovely picture book about lockdown.  There are some useful ideas after the story to support you and your child to get the most out of this ebook.

Lenny & Lily Return to School - a lovely picture book about returning to school after a period of closure.  There are some useful ideas after the story to support you and your child to get the most out of this ebook.

Reading Eggs / Reading Eggspress Parent Pack - a useful guide to using Reading Eggs at home

Mathseeds Parent Pack - a useful guide to using Mathseeds at home

Mathletics Parent Pack - a useful guide to using Mathletics at home

Widgit Online Getting Started Guide - a useful guide to creating your own symbol resources at home