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Dear Dover and Edinburgh classes,

We hope you are all safe and well! Dover and Edinburgh classes are working together to offer home learning - we will be joining up for Zoom sessions (there is a timetable below). Melissa and Mhari are also working individually with families during our weekly well-being phone calls to support you in building home learning into your family’s daily routine in a way that works for you. If your young person has done any work or activities they’re really proud of, you can bring them along to a circle time Zoom session, or send them to Melissa or Mhari via Evidence for Learning or email. 

We know that everyone’s approach to home learning will be different as each young person in Edinburgh and Dover learns in a different way. We are working to provide something for everyone, whether it’s live Zoom sessions, videos, physical resources, or a mix of all three!


We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone in school again when it’s safe

From the Dover team (Melissa, Meg, Ayumi and Vanessa) and the Edinburgh team (Mhari, Ellie, Paula and Willem)

Home Learning Timetable


Top Tips for Home Learning

Create a routine and a timetable for the day. This can be presented visually daily of weekly.

Make learning as fun as possible, with games and everyday play.

  • Build in:
    • Tasks around the home that will support your family routine and improve self-help, independence, and life skills. These can include successfully completing daily self-care routines e.g. brushing their teeth having a shower or bath, tidying their bedroom, helping to sort the washing, simple cooking and helping with shopping lists and putting it away, recycling
    • Opportunities for daily exercise
    • Opportunities to be creative in play and use board games  to help develop their maths thinking and understanding and social skills
    • Opportunities to read a range of materials, these can include books, magazines, instructions
    • Opportunities  to write for a purpose  e.g. shopping list , letter or postcards to friends and family

To support you and your child

- Recognise what your child does well and praise them.

_Be Consistent

-Breakdown instructions into small manageable tasks.

-Model by sitting together and each of you completing the task

-Provide visual and/or written prompts to support independent task completion

-Repeat tasks as often as they are needed – this helps to generalise skills , and move them from short to long term memory

BUT the most important thing is: Be kind to yourself and your child  – As much as you are trying to implement a schedule it does not need to be set in stone. If something does not go according to plan do not panic or worry about it. These are challenging times, and some days will not go as well as others. You are all wonderful parents/carers doing an amazing job!! If you need help or guidance please ask.

Resources & Useful Links

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