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Hi all Dragonflies!

Our next unit is minibeasts! There are absolutely loads of activities to try. Remember, this topic at school would last for a full half term so don’t feel pressure to race through the activities. It is best to be led by your child and find what interests them the most. Maybe they like the stories, or the songs, or counting the legs or naming body parts of the minibeasts body…… go with what they are interested in.

Our stories will be Superworm by Julia Donaldson (available on Amazon audible for free or read on You Tube

And The cautious caterpillar

If you have any other books you enjoy please include them too- The very Hungry Caterpillar is a favourite of mine.

If you go to the cbeebies website there are some programmes you can watch.

Our songs will include ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and the ‘Ugly Bug Ball’ Maybe you can choose an insect to be and dance like you are at the ball.

On there are mini beast action cards with activities such as ‘wriggle like a worm’ etc if you want to get moving. Cosmic yoga on You tube also has bug themed yoga sessions- The very Hungry Caterpillar, Stella the Stick insect and Enron the Bee are some to choose from.

If the weather is nice and you feel brave maybe you can do a bug hunt in the garden.Draw up a list of bugs and check them off if you see any. Maybe investigate where different bugs live, under the ground, on leaves- what habitats are best for them?

If you are feeling brave then how about digging up some mud to find worms? Make some bugs out of playdoh? If you search for minibeasts it has a vast amount of minibeasts colouring sheets, minibeast hunt checklists, cutting activities, worksheets etc. Please don’t feel that you must do these activities with your child but they are there if your child enjoys them.

On BBC bitesize there are some videos about bugs etc under the KS1 videos.

Maybe paint a toilet roll green and turn it into a caterpillar? Paint half a ladybug and fold over the paper to make a symmetrical side?

If you are finding it hard to sit at a table to learn remember that counting out cups for everybody at dinner time or looking at whichtrees are bigger or smaller on a walk is still learning and practicing skills. Maybe count out some favourite objects such as cars and look at one more or one less. Grab some toys, split them into two groups and count how many altogether? Or take some away?

Some phonics and reading resources are jolly phonics sounds song. activities and games for reading books


For Maths type activities and its sister app IXL maths have tablet friendly games.


For messy play ideas has a load of different ideas. One of the Dragonflies favourite things to do is make things like cars, dinosaurs, teddies really dirty and then get a basin of soapy water and wash them! Isabella signs is doing some tutorials on how to use Makaton signs. She also has a facebook page. Maybe a chance for everyone to learn some new signs- I’m certainly going to be a watching a few.

Another absolute Dragonflies favourite is our beloved Pete the cat!