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Castle School

Castle School


Hello lovely Hedgehogs parents


This term our new book is Michael Recycle and the topic is Recycling. 

Below you will find the ‘Home Learning Plan’ with ideas, links and resources for the planned activities. Some activity sheets and a copy of the book are also attached for your use at home.

When doing an activity, please remember it doesn’t need to be long.  Make activities short and interesting and work with your child's attention span.  The activities can also be repeated to allow the pupils to become confident with the activity and enjoy it, generalising skills used. 

Most pupils within the class benefit from sensory breaks where they are able to let off their extra energy. Having a sensory squeeze, hand and/or foot massage and stretching can balance their sensory needs. Please do this when you feel it is appropriate for your child. If you wish your child to engage in a sensory music session, please find link below. 

If you have any questions about the work, then please get in touch on Evidence for Learning or email us. You’re also welcome to join every Monday with our Zoom meetings and take part in the activities together.


Hedgehogs staff are missing you all and look forward to seeing you again soon.


Laura, Timi, Debbie, Rachel, Hannah and Leah

Some links you may find useful:


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Sensory Music




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