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Castle School

Castle School


Owl Class accompany "I can see clearly now the rain has gone" with Makaton signs



A message from the Owls Team



A Makaton signed version of Count on Me by Bruno Mars - with Owls Staff




Hello from Owls Staff!!



Hello to my lovely Owls and your families,

Below are daily plans of activities that you can try to organise your day at home.  These plans use only resources that would be usually available at home; the activities in these plans should already be quite familiar with your children.

I have included some links to the songs we use in class and will add to these regularly.  In Owl class, repetition helps us not to be anxious.  Each day of the week has its own routine and this routine remains the same for at least 1 term so don't worry that you seem to be doing the same thing one week after another - vary the sessions slightly each week and by the end of the term, the session will look different to how it began.

The document "Home Learning Ideas" has lots of ideas for activities for you to try at home.  These are linked to our 4 areas of development: cognition, communication, sensory/physical, social.

Owls staff are missing you all very much and we hope to see you again soon,

Ashleigh, Hannah, Charlotte, Tina and Esther.

Daily Circle Time

Good Morning Song




Greetings Song




Days of the Week Song



Fine Motor Skills Dough Disco - Happy and You Know It




Fine Motor Skills Dough Disco - Incy Wincy Spider




Lunch Time Song