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Hello and Welcome to The New Trinity Class Page,

In the section below you will find a number of ideas and activities that you can do with your child at home. You can combine the activities as you want, following your child interests, but we recommend sticking to a routine. Time to build in rewards or things that add incentive to completion should be done after each activity. Resources on this page will mirror work and themes being taught in school as we move forward.

The ideal structure of the day will be as follows: 

1) Set Morning ‘In tray’ tasks – colouring, fine motor skills activities eg threading, basic skills for literacy / numeracy activities

2) Attention Building / Bucket

3) Reading Book / Literacy / Numeracy

4) Break

5) Practical / Life Skills Activities

6) Lunch

7) Afternoon – creative activities eg Art / ICT

In Trinity, we find that it is better to complete the more formal learning tasks before lunchtime. Structure and knowing in advance what is happening during the course of the day are important.

The ideal duration for each activity is about 20 mins before a break / reward / distraction is needed. However, if your child is engaged and enjoying you could extend it as much as you want.

I will also be forwarding links, information and times for live and recorded sessions that can be accessed at home. However, please contact me or let me know when we chat about how we can support you in any way.

The Trinity Team

Simon, Luke, Lesley, Nelson and Diane


Home Learning Timetable


Top Tips for Home LearningPractical / Life / Social Skills

Activities we have been practising that can be undertaken at home include –

  • Self-Care and Presentation (Brushing hair, washing hands, washing face, brushing teeth) these can be combined with a song for structure
  • Making simple snacks – sandwiches / drinks / toast / tea
  • Hoovering / cleaning
  • Dressing for the day

Useful Links & Resources


#ArtWithLuke – activities to follow

Songs the pupils choose from in Trinity Class 

The Monsters colour song 

Months of the year 

We all go travelling by 

Action song 

I am a little teapot 

Head shoulders knees and toes 

The solar system song 

Over in the meadow 

The seasons song 

Up up up 

The days of the week 

Shape song singalong 

A hole at the bottom of the sea 

Port side pirates 

Herman the worm 

Do you like ice cream 

Big numbers song