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Castle School

Castle School


Our Governing Body is an active, supportive and representative group whose members are fully involved in all aspects of school life; working closely with the staff, parents and pupils to ensure outstanding provision for all who learn and work together at Castle.

The Governing Body is made up of a combination of 14 appointed, elected or co-opted members.

Name of Governor Type and roles Start Date End of Tenure
Charlotte Whysall


Ex Officio Governor

14/04/2023 N/A

Nick Brenton

LA Governor

Chair of Governors

Premises link

01-12-2018 28-09-2026
Lesley Robinson Staff Governor 08-11-2022 07-11-2026
Donna Lovett

Parent Governor

Physical link

01-12-2020 30-11-2024

Selva Kadirvelu

Parent Governor 05-01-2022 04-01-2026
Judith Coad Co-Opted 14-03-2023 13-03-2027

Helen Dolling

Co-Opted 27-09-2021 26-09-2025

Ruth Jordan


Chair of Teaching and Learning committee

01-12-2019 30-11-2027

Mary Langran


Acting vice-chair of governors

Chair of Resources Committee

Safeguarding, Behaviour & Child Protection Link

Finance Link

01-12-2006 31-08-2027
Kathy Notley Co-Opted 07-12-2023 06-12-2027
Lidia Ripamonti Co-Opted 14-03-2023 13-03-2027
Tim Sykes Co-Opted 08-02-2024 07-02-2028
Davinder Mankoo

Associate Member (T&L Committee)

07-02-2023 06-02-2027

Helen Andrews

Clerk to governors

The Governing Board currently has 2 Co-Opted vacancies


As set out in the Governance Handbook, the Governing Body has three core functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of the vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  2. Holding the executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the school(s) and its pupils and the effective and efficient performance management of staff.
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school(s) and making sure that its money is well spent.

Governors have a general responsibility for the effective management of the school, acting within the framework set by National Legislation and by school policies.  They are responsible to parents, the Local Authority and the Secretary of State for this management.


Contact Details for Governing Body

Chair of Governors, Nick Brenton:

Clerk to Governors, Helen Andrews:

Alternatively, correspondence may be sent to our Governing Body C/O Clerk to Governors, Castle School, Courtney Way, Cambridge CB4 2EE


Governor Meeting Dates 2023-2024

Thursday 21st September – FGB meeting, 6.30pm

Tuesday 10th October – Resources Committee meeting, 6.30pm (virtual)

Tuesday 17th October - T&L Committee meeting, 4pm (virtual)

Tuesday 21st November - T&L Committee meeting, 4pm (virtual)

Thursday 7th December – FGB meeting, 6.30pm

Tuesday 16th January – Resources Committee meeting, 6.30pm (virtual)

Thursday 8th February – FGB meeting, 6.30pm

Tuesday 12th February - T&L Committee meeting, 4pm (virtual)

Tuesday 19th March - T&L Committee, 4pm (virtual)

Tuesday 26th March  - FGB meeting, 6.30pm

Tuesday 23rd April - Resources Committee meeting, 5pm (budget scrutiny)

Tuesday 7th May - FGB meeting, 5pm (budget approval)

Tuesday 21st May  - T&L Committee meeting, 4pm (virtual)

Tuesday 18th June – Resources Committee meeting, 6.30pm (virtual)

Tuesday 2nd July - T&L Committee meeting, 4pm (virtual)

Tuesday 9th July - FGB meeting, 6.30pm

Minutes can be requested via the clerk.  Please email