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Castle School

Castle School

Something To Make You Smile

Colin's new puppy!



Owl Team have a message for you



Peter's Ways to Stay Happy



A bike ride with Chris



A tour around Castle school - and some dancing.



Mhari goes for a walk and finds something interesting!



Hide and Seek with Jaki Part 1 (part 2 below)



Hide and Seek with Jaki Part 2



Janice takes us into her garden where she feeds her hens.  Can you name the different animals?  How many hens can you count?

Video available at 1:30 pm on Monday 20th April 2020



A cute video from our amazing costume designer Jaki




Video available from 10am on Sunday 12th April 2020



Happy Easter from Chris and all of the staff



This is a video from Rachel (Bees) with lots of cute images of our therapy dog Bertie.

Video available at 1:30pm on Friday 3rd April



Chris shares a cute video - puppy love!