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Pupil Premium

‘Pupil Premium’ is designed to ensure that funding to support disadvantaged pupils reaches those who need it most. The funding is allocated to the Local Authority who then delegate it to schools by identifying:

  • Pupils who are or who have been eligible for free school meals;
  • Children with parent(s) in the Armed Forces;
  • Children who are ‘looked after’ by their Local Authority.

We are required to publish information about how we use the premium.

Review of Pupil Premium 2016/17

In the current financial year (2016/17) our premium is £57,145

We will use this to continue to embed and support the following strategies and structures:

  • Individual pupils, through additional teaching assistant interventions
  • Targeted therapy
  • Supporting pupils to attend enhanced provision or external opportunities
  • Continued targeted reading support
  • Emotional and family support

Review of Pupil Premium 2015/16

In the financial year (2015/16) our premium is £56,675

Throughout the 2015/16 year we continued to scaffold, and build on, the strategies and structures put in place during 2014/15.

All the pupils who were allocated pupil premium funding in 2015/16 made expected or better than expected progress.

Pupils who receive additional interventions are highlighted and then tracked through school monitoring processes. The impact and outcome of these interventions, upon our young people, are shown through school reporting systems.