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Supporting Our Students to Learn

Topic for this half-term

Our Timetable

Timetables can now be found on Arbor. If you would like a hard copy, please ask your child's class teacher.


When is this the main focus? 

How is this delivered in your class?  

Reading and Phonics  

Phonic time 

Twinkl phonic game 

Individual reading time  

Through play: reading corner, word hunt, 1:1 reading time.  

During circle time each morning robins are encouraged to take part in exploring and experiencing our sound of the week.  

Throughout the day we play phonic games such as what’s that sound and listen to things in our environment. 

Our reading corner books change with our topic and have a range of reading materials in there from story books, magazines to information leaflets.  

After lunch everyday we have read time where adults and students sit down together and read individual reading books 1:1. 





Reading corner. 



Individual tracing tasks  

Messy mark making  

Squiggle whilst you wiggle  

Dough disco  

Clever fingers  



Math songs  

Shape exploration 


Counting time 

Math games.  


Morning activities- 

Targeted English and maths 

Fine motor 



In Robins we deliver our learning through a range of exciting and incising ways. 

We have a continuous learning approach set up in our classroom environment that students are encouraged to access throughout the day. Our morning activities are always accessible meaning whenever students need a ‘break’ form focus time they still have access to learning activities and materials.  

During focus time we follow the ()-formal curriculum and deliver it with lots of sensory and tactile input as well as a more formal approach, individual targets and goals are taken from the students EHCP to help encourage learning and give an area focus.  


We also implement English, maths and topic in practical and everyday situations such as going to the shops and paying for our goods, cooking (weighing and measure), reading signs and maps when we are out, using IT to gain information, reading and spelling skills. We also use the lightroom for our IT sessions, using cause and effect switches as well as colour recognition. 

To help with our attention in these activities we do interventions such as attention autism and Lego therapy. 

All focus lessons 

Circle time 

Lego therapy  

Social games  

Specialist rooms  


Lunch and snack 

S&L targets  

Colourful semantics.  

Communication is all we do and is all around us. Our class environment is set up to promote and encourage communication and interaction throughout all aspects of the day and lace communication into all lessons and interventions.  


To support students, we use a range of commination aids and help students navigate their preferred route, whether it be sign/Makaton, communication boards, verbal or gesture. Visual aids are to be used in all session and adults’ model how to communicate appropriately. Adults may be seen to use communication boards or sign to one another to model actions. 

Circle time  

Attention autism  


Turn taking games  

Lunch and snack  

Life skill activities  

Community outings 

Topic work 


sensory breaks.  

Outside learning 

In robins every morning we have circle time. As part of circle time we encourage students so share their feelings and greet a friend of their choice in a manner of their choice.  


We help students identify their feelings throughout the day and support them with their wellbeing. Sometime a student may identify they have a lot of built-up energy they need to release; an adult might support them by encouraging them outside for a run or other physical activities such as rebound or the swings. Equally and student might become overwhelmed with the business of the classroom and will be encouraged to request going to a quieter place such or intervention room.   


During turn taking games students are encouraged to share and interact with one another both inside and outside of the classroom.  

Alongside topic activities we will also incorporate life skill activities, classroom jobs and community outings during these session to help us with everyday life. 



Soft play 

Outside play  

Forest school  

Garden club 

Messy play 

Clever fingers 

Community outings  

Touch and taste 

Meal time  

Sensory break  


Personal care times  

Robin class’s main aim is to encourage independence throughout the day.  

In the morning adult encourage students to hang up their own coat and bags and get out all the items they might need for the day. Before going outside students are encouraged to check the weather to see what clothing we may need. If a coat is decided then students are given tips and tricks to independently put on their coats and outdoor gear. Equally they are encouraged to independently take them off and hang them up after.  

Students are encouraged to take part in all physical activities, some students will be encouraged to do so throughout the day to support self-regulation. 

Students have weekly access to forest school, gardening, P.E, rebound and bikes to help with students physical health, fitness and body awareness. 

Messy play, clever finger activities and outdoor exploring time help students understand and develop their sensory needs, we give regular breaks and solutions if it becomes over whelming/ stimulating.  

During lunch and snack time students follow basic hand washing routines, help set up the environment, explore new foods and help clean and tidy their environment. 

Topic  Our world Creativity 

Topic session  

Community outings  


See above areas. 

Preparation for Adulthood 

Classroom jobs  

Personal care 

Snack and meal times  

Community outings  


See above areas. 

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