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Castle School

Castle School

Corfe Class


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Supporting Our Students to Learn

Cognition and Learning

The students will follow Castle gemstones levels in Maths and English.

Every day we work on our maths and literacy skills. Complete a maths challenge, read to an adult and practice phonics and spellings to improve our vocabulary.  We listen to stories in class or when we visit the library.


Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Social and emotional skills and mental wellbeing are focused on every day.  There are activities planned throughout the week that focus specifically on developing this area in connection with students’ targets.  The aim is to provide students with the ability to recognise and manage their own emotions, connect and maintain friendships.

During the day we regular have regular opportunities to develop self-regulation and improve our mental health.


Sensory, Physical and Life Skills

Students will take part in physical activities throughout the week including using the exercise machines in the gym and improving their fine motor skills daily.

Also, each day we will have a short walk and talk.  PE lessons will include cycling, swimming and sports. We will also be able to participate in structured activities during break times.

We access different Life Skills activities each week. We focus on personal independence, money, spelling, health and wellbeing and listening to others in group discussions.  


Communication and Interaction

Communication and interaction begin as soon as the students start their day. Many opportunities are set up throughout the school day to ensure that the pupils are working on their communication and interaction targets such as Newsround discussions, Lego therapy and PSHCE role play games.

We are given the opportunity to participate in lunchtime clubs and different class activities to interact further with each other. We also go to the café at Chesterton where we can socialise and practice using money to buy a snack.

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