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Assessment is the range of activities through which we come to know about the unique abilities and achievements of our pupils.  It also provides an overview of the knowledge, skills and understanding that has developed. It is the vehicle by which we can advise pupils, parents and carers of their targets and their progress towards them. It is at the heart of effective planning, teaching and personalised learning.



Assessment serves four fundamental purposes:


A)         To help pupils learn; in particular by allowing them to see their current level of progress and what they need to do next in order to reach or exceed their target. 


B)         To help teachers and teaching assistants to plan and teach more effectively and to adopt a more personalised approach to the needs of the students.


C)         To provide relevant and accurate information about achievement for pupils, parents and carers, teachers and others such as college providers at the point of transition.


D)         To provide a celebration and affirmation of success – thus raising self-esteem , mental wellbeing , motivation and engagement.

We recognise that assessment should be at the heart of the curriculum and that it should be continuous and multilayered.

A range of assessment techniques both formative and summative are built into curriculum delivery. Assessment for learning strategies are applied in each lesson and summative assessments are completed at the end of each unit of work.

All statutory assessments are completed at the end of  Key stage 1 and 2.

External accreditation is taken in Key stage 4 and 6th form. 

Please find below a link to the Department for Education's webpage where you can download the following information for Castle School:

  • exam and test results
  • Ofsted reports
  • financial information

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