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Castle School

Castle School

Physical Health and Well-Being


Physical Health and Wellbeing at Castle School

We have a specific PE curriculum which is delivered by the PE team. Our class teams and physiotherapists also play an important role in delivering physical activity. ​

Pupils on our pre-formal reactive pathway focus heavily on postural management and mobility – they access PE through their own individualised programmes and group sessions. ​

We have a wide range of PE resources and projects, including a vibrant whole-school cycling programme which won us Bikeability’s School of the Year award in 2022.

Within our curriculum we cater for 3 different strands of students (Pre-Formal, Semi Formal, Formal).  ​

  • As a school we provide opportunities for 30 minutes of independent physical activity a day. ​

  • Activities will either be lesson or intervention based. This will be specific to each student, group and activity being undertaken and will vary significantly across each strand.